Artisan Soap, Deodorant & More

Inspired by nature and handcrafted in Peterborough, Ontario

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As part of a 'Spring Virtual Maker Market' I'm offering a 20% savings across my website.

Simply use the discount code SPRING at checkout.

If you live in the city of Peterborough, I'll happily offer FREE delivery (I'll let you know when your order will be delivered). For now, just select the 'Local Pick Up' option (as delivery isn't something I normally offer).

The savings are valid until 11:59 pm on May 24th. Thanks and have a beautiful day!

We're committed to environmental sustainability

We use organic, sustainable ingredients like soap berries, as well as locally-sourced beer, wine, cider, lavender, maple syrup,  honey and as much surplus product as possible, such as spent grains and apple pomace.

Waste free packaging is important to us. We keep our packaging minimal, print our labels on 100% recycled paper  
and package as much as we can in refillable containers.

We welcome you to take a moment to browse our selection collections of natural products and eco-friendly accessories.

What our customers had to say...

'I am very happy with my purchases and the fact that there was no plastic packaging when it arrived. It came really quickly too. Also very happy there’s no palm oil in your shampoo and deodorant that I bought. I will definitely be ordering more in the future. Very happy with the shampoo bar especially!'  
- Patti E.

'I'm using your shampoo bar and loving it! It's luxurious! I can't imagine how it gets so sudsy! My hair is squeaky clean afterwards." 

- Susan Hay

"I made the switch to Sherrie's SNC shampoo bar a couple weeks ago. It was a tough transition for me. I wanted to give up so many times. The ACV rinse is very helpful but boy, it wasn’t enough until two days ago. My hair finally figured it out. Thank you Sherrie for providing such a wonderful, eco-friendly product. I’m loving knowing my hair is au natural now and chemical free."

- Lelha Gauci

"Love these soaps. An amazing selection, left my skin feeling super clean and smelling amazing even after I got out of the shower!! Worked so well on my skin which is hard because I have eczema, left it feeling soft and not irritated. Would 100% recommend to anyone and everyone. Thanks so much for making these available!!"

- Selena Kirkland

"Just finished a workout.. time for a shower and to try another #beersoap This time its by @simplynaturalcanada of Peterborough, Ontario. They teamed up with @smithavensbrew to produce this Amber Solace (Oatmeal and Brown Sugar) #soap Now before you wet it, it does smell like a bowl of oatmeal. But once in the shower you get some aromas of some herbal oils. It lathers really nicely, and left my skin feeling clean, smooth and refreshed. Great job! Love how breweries not only collaborate with one another but also with other local businesses. So cool! Cheers!"

- craftinginthebeerworld via Instagram

Where you'll find our products...

More customer feedback...

"So pleased with the deodorant. Yesterday I walked for about 3 hours and worked out for an hour.. again in 30 plus humid weather!!  The deodorant stood up... if it can withstand that... it can hold up against anything!!  I am loving the soap... Very mild and gentle on my skin. So excited to have found your products!!!"

- Donna Martin

“I’ve been a resident and cleaner for 35 years in Haliburton county. This is the first time I have found a product line that I want to stick with. I have tried everything from the most organic to probably the most chemical trying to get results. With these cleaning products, I get day in, day out results.”

- Debbie Barnhart

"Has anyone tried this natural bug spray from @simplynaturalcanada ⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️
Working in trees we are always being bit by something! This is a great solution considering we were spraying ourselves with #deet all day 😶 Give it a try , you won't be disappointed! With that being said, I don't recommend putting it on if your going somewhere nice, it does have a strong apple cider vinegar, smell to it! BUT IT WORKS 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 camping, gardening , canoeing , cottage!!"

- simplytreesptbo on Instagram