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Probiotic Natural Deodorant Sticks

Keep your body healthy with a natural probiotic deodorant that works.


Why apply potentially harmful ingredients to your armpits when you can achieve similar results with a healthier alternative?


Here's what one of our customer's had to say about our natural probiotic stick deodorant...

“I absolutely LOVE the stick deodorant so far - it is my favourite and it works just like a regular deodorant!! I have not been sweating through my clothes and it hasn't left any stains! I love the consistency of it. As someone who works out twice daily, it can be a struggle to find something that won't make you "stink" - especially with all that sweating! But, Simply Natural Canada's product really works and it feels great knowing it is made with completely natural ingredients - which benefits both my health and the environment. I really think this product has huge potential in the market because it really doesn't "feel" any different than a conventional deodorant stick!”

Jessica Correa


The active ingredients in our push up stick deodorant (75 ml) are arrowroot powder, cornstarch, baking soda and clay to help keep your armpits dry. Oils, butters, probiotics and vitamin E have been added to nourish your skin whereas essential oils used to give you a lightly fragrant deodorant stick.


Varieties include unscented, lemon lavender and juniper cedarwood.