canadian made essential oil and alcohol refillable hand sanitizer
hand santizer refill bottle made in canada
Essentaial oil and alcohol hand sanitizer gel made in Canada
Essentaial oil and alcohol hand sanitizer gel made in Canada
Essentaial oil and alcohol hand sanitizer gel made in Canada
fragrance free 70 per cent alcohol hand sanitizer gel made in canada
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Hand Sanitizer Gel

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Our popular hand sanitizer gel comes in Eucalyptus Mint and Lavender & Tea Tree in 250 ml plastic refillable bottles. We also have 750 ml glass refill bottles coming in early December.

Please save your bottles and reuse them or donate them back.

This no-rinse, essential oil antiseptic gel was crafted to purify and disinfect your hands effectively (with a 70% alcohol formulation) when you have no access to soap and water. You many notice this formulation is runnier than other hand sanitizer gels on the market and this is because ours contains no added thickener.

Directions for use: Dispense an adequate amount of sanitizer into the palm of your hand and rub into skin for up to 20 seconds, making sure all parts of your hands are covered. Let air dry. 

Isopropyl alcohol at a concentration of 99% is a key active ingredient since alcohol is known to penetrate the skin quickly and able to kill certain types of bacteria and microbes that may cause disease through transmission by the hands.

This simple hand sanitizer gel made primarily alcohol, aloe vera gel and essential oils is an effective quick drying antiseptic product suitable for all skin types and frequent use.

Eucalyptus Mint Ingredients: isopropyl alcohol, aloe vera gel, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils

Lavender & Tea Tree Ingredients: Isopropyl alcohol, aloe vera gel, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, lavender and tea tree essential oils

We are also currently stocking fragrance-free 70% alcohol hand sanitizer gel in 110 ml bottles (at cost) as we were pleased to discover 705 E Liquids, a local company offering it and donating the proceeds of their sales in donations to front line workers in our community.

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