fragrance free activated charcoal glass jar pit paste made in canada
canadian made fragrance free vegan cream deodorant for sensitive skin
Simply Natural Canada

Unscented Vegan Cream Deodorant

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Interested in trying a natural deodorant that works but are sensitive to scents and baking soda?

You may want to give our SNC Unscented Vegan Cream Deodorant a try. This fragrance-free, no baking soda pit paste is ideal for sensitive skin.

Active ingredients include magnesium hydroxide, zinc ricinoleate and bentonite clay for their odour-absorbing properties This nourishing pit pastes keep your skin soft with addition of organic oils and butters.

Buy a jar and you're good for up to three odour-free months.

Ingredients: shea butter, mango butter, kokum butter coconut oil, arrowroot powder, tapicoca starch, cornstarch, bentonite clay, magnesium hydroxide, zinc ricinoleate, vitamin e, probiotics, activated charcoal

Warm a small dab between your fingers and apply to armpits.


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