Hello and welcome to Simply Natural Canada!

My name is Sherrie Le Masurier. I got into the artisan soap business out of a pure love of all natural handcrafted soaps. I would tour all the local farmer's markets and craft sales for new soaps that spoke to my senses and nurtured my body & soul.

I enjoy either starting my day with an invigorating bar of soap or indulging in a relaxing bath at the end of a long one. Self-care is a very important part of my life.

In spring 2017, I decided to create my own homemade soap recipes thanks in large part to my daughter who inspired me with a soap making kit she bought me for Christmas.

Initially I didn't think I would turn my soap making into a side business (I also work as a professional organizer at simplyhelpful.ca) but I've had considerable interest in my soaps and I'm really having fun playing around with ingredients in my kitchen.

The majority of my artisan soap is made from a base of olive, coconut and vegetable oil. Other ingredients include sodium hydroxide (lye), coconut milk, beer, honey, oatmeal, grains and essential oils.

I use organic, sustainable ingredients like soap berries, as well as locally-sourced beer, wine, cider, lavender, maple syrup, honey and as much surplus product as possible, such as spent grains and apple pomace.

I'm also enjoying playing with around with natural ingredients and have created a variety of deodorant, laundry, cleaning and self-care products.

Waste free packaging is important to me. I keep our packaging minimal, print our labels on 100% recycled paper and package as much as I can in home- compostable bags and refillable containers.

I hope you'll decide to try some of my soaps and other all natural products. I welcome your feedback. Thank you.

Have a beautiful day,

Sherrie Le Masurier                                                                                                 705-917-1000                                                                             sherrie@simplynaturalcanada.com